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Our main mission is to help our local communities by contributing to their economy (generating jobs, offering the possibility of selling their artisan products, contributing directly, etc.).
We, the natives of here, children of the "PacHa Mama", who have lived and live here for many generations, are part of the ancient culture and the titanic works such as the "Saqsay Waman", the world wonder Machupicchu, and many others. material and immaterial legacies, a legacy of our grandparents the "Runas from Tawantinsu"; heirs of fundamental principles for good living, philosophical principles such as the “Ainy”, the “Mink'a”, the “Mit'a” and others, which inspire us as a master  and greater guide of life, for a community coexistence, supportive and empathetic, also having as spiritual guides the mandates of “Pacha Mama”, our "Apucuna", our "Aukykuna." That is why in Peru Alive we were born to serve and to serve you, to help us and to help you.

In our Andean philosophy, there is a principle considered fundamental for communal coexistence between the beings that are members of our community and everything that surrounds us, it is the "Ainy", which in this language is quite complicated to have an exact translation of its meaning; it is something like reciprocity, solidarity, empathy, and generosity, all together; principles that in Peru Alive we disseminate where they do not exist, we rescue them and revive them in those places where they already existed at some time, carrying the philosophical message through each act of our performance as a person and as Peru Alive, in search of a good communal and universal living.

The “Apu Salkantay”


Our vision, in the medium term; We are the main tour operator in quality of service, in the Sacred Valley of the Inkas. We execute social and ecological projects, in alliance with local organizations.
In the long term, we contribute significantly to the economic development of our local communities, we comply with the highest standards of quality and environmental responsibility.




Wilbert Yucra Choqqucunsa is the founder, host and licensed guide for Peru Alive in Peru. Raised in a remote Quechua village based in Inca traditions and beliefs, he has devoted his life to studying his heritage and discovering new ways to help his people. He is also a graduate of The University of Peru in Cusco and speaks several different languages, including his own, Quechua.

wilbert yucra by peru alive
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