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Service Description

De will have breakfast at the hotel (5 am) then we will go to the bus terminal to queue and travel to the world wonder Machupicchu (we traveled for 30 minutes), arriving at the archaeological complex we make another queue to enter the Machupicchu complex  (height 2,435 MASL—7,989 feet), being here we have a tour in situ (approximately two hours) then we will have extra time to appreciate and enjoy the surroundings of the world wonder, them again we board the bus of the monopoly firm to return to the Valley in   "Aguas Calientes”; Being here we begin a return walk through the valley following the route of the Sacred Wilkamayu river until we reach the end of the road, (we walk for 2 hours), arriving we have the opportunity to enjoy a menu in a local restaurant, then we have some time free to explore (the small community of the place or buy something extra), immediately we board our private vehicle to return to the city of Cusco (traveling for 4 hours), arriving in the city of Cusco at 8 pm. (End of Tour). NOTE; After the tour in Machupicchu we cannot stay for a long time inside the park, because it is not allowed- (the park rangers take out us), the space where it is allowed to stay longer is at the entrance to the park, but this space It is quite small and it is almost always very full of tourists, for that reason normally almost all the visitors once they finish the tour (within Machupicchu)  return to Aguas Calientes (and here they generally spend the whole day, tired and bored waiting for the forced return time of the trains that are normally in the afternoon or at night.

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